Labcourse and protocol are conducted and have to be written in English

  • Start: 9:00 Uhr
  • Experiment discussion: S2|04 4
  • Experiment location: S2|04 10
  • Experiment number: 3.32
  • Experiment instruction: DLS in Microgels (opens in new tab)
  • You will work in the chemistry lab:
    Please bring sturdy shoes and clothes to cover your legs

In this experiment elastic light scattering (Rayligh- and Mie-Scattering) in the form of dynamical light scattering (DLS) is employed. From the time and scattering angle dependent intensity, structural and dynamical temperture dependent characteristics of the microgelpartilces are investigated.

(Nanometer) small particles are applied in numerous industrial application ranging from chemistry, medicine, pharmacy to paint industry – to name a few. For example, gold nanoparticles are interesting as model systems as an alternative for dyes. Their colour impression depends on the spectral absorption of photons, which is given by its dielectric function – a function that depends on shape, size and surrounding dielectrics in addition to material constants.

In this experiment PolyNIPAM(microgel)- and Polystyrene-particles serve as nanoparticles. In contrast to Polystyrene, PolyNIPAM is a temperature sensitive macrolmolecule that is hydrophillic up to ~32°C and hydrophobic above this temperature. As consequence PolyNIPAM is in a swollen conformation at temperatures below and in collapsed state when above 32°C.


A folder with literature is available in Studienzentrum Physik, Building S2|06