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Strucutre and Dynamics of Amorphous Systems

Here you can find our range of courses and thesis topics. If you are interested in our research field, please contact us to discuss opportunities for student assistantship (Studentische Hilfskraft) and BSc, MSc, PhD or PostDoc projects. Your application is always welcome …

Courses: summer semester 2022

Lecture: The Physics of Soft Matter

In contrast to crystals or simple liquids, the physics of which is well understood since long, some materials, which play an important role in our everyday lives, show physical properties which lie in between “liquid” and “solid”, like rubber, ketchup, hand cream, shaving foam or wall paint. Such kind of “soft matter” often shows complex physical properties due to competing interactions on a molecular level. The lecture presents basic concepts for understanding the physics of soft matter and discusses some exemplary substance classes.

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Basic Lab Course

With the basic lab course, we supervise an event that is not only a central component of the first semester of a physics degree programme, but is also part of the basic training of many other natural science and engineering degree programmes. In any case, we give you the opportunity to understand the content of the lectures through your own experiments (“hands-on physics”) and at the same time to learn and practise the basics of scientific work.

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Topics for bachelor and master theses

We supervise bachelor and master theses in different areas such as:

  • Dynamic light scattering (DLS) and dielectric spectroscopy at glass-forming materials: Relations between structure, dynamics and macroscopic material properties
  • Development and structural/dynamical characterisation of micro emulsion systems; “nano containers” with several scientific and technological applications
  • Solvation dynamics; local dynamics in complex nanostructured systems

… and some more. If you are interested, please contact us via Email or make an appointment for a discussion.

  • Temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimetry (TMDSC)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry: the signature of Debye and beta relaxation
  • Multi-speckle light scattering
  • Dynamic light scattering at mono- and polyalcohols
  • Dynamic light scattering and dielectric spectroscopy at ionic liquid gel systems
  • Depolarized dynamic light scattering in the GHz and THz range
  • Light scattering at polymeric fabric softener systems and binary glasses
  • Solvation dynamics at monoalcohol-water mixtures
  • Surface dynamics in colloid suspensions