Quantum mechanics allows for a number of possible transforms of the state of a quantum system. In quantum information processing a special type of transforms is frequently used. They are nonlinear and exhibit a number of special features. One of the simplest possible transforms, implemented by a quantum circuits, consists of a CNOT gate, a Hadamard gate, and a measurement on one of the outputs. The evolution of pure initial quantum states is characterized by a fractal (in the space of states), formed by the border of different convergence regions. We examine how the ideal evolution is distorted in the presence of both coherent error and incoherent initial noise, which are typical imperfections in current implementations of quantum computers. Prof. Alber studied such processes and contributed significantly to our understanding of their properties.


12. Juli 2024, 09:00-10:00


ZKS Uhrturmhörsaal
S2 08/171
Hochschulstraße 4

ZKS Uhrturmhörsaal , S2 08/171 , Hochschulstraße 4


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